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            Parts list for Rev 4 Algae Scrubbers

            All Rev 4 Turbo Algae Scrubbers come standard with the following components:

            The main body of the unit, composed of black ABS:
            Base with J-channels bonded in place (these guide the LED fixtures)
            End cover plates
            False Bottom

            Growth Chamber: clear Polycarbonate with 4 o-rings for a watertight seal into the base during operation.  A tube of reef-safe silicone grease is also included.

            Black ABS Slot Pipe with 3/4" slip fittings on each end, built-in light/spray blockers, and screen retention pin

            Growth substrate (#7 mesh plastic canvas coated in mortar)

            Fully assembled LED Light fixtures as follows:
            (2) Custom black anodized heat sinks with ABS end caps & external dimming knob(s)
            (2) LED & Driver boards
            (1) Power supply with US wall plug

            Inlet plumbing parts as follows:
            End cap for Slot Pipe
            3/4" slip-to-thread adapter (straight)
            3/4" slip-to-thread adapter (street elbow)
            3/4" thread-to-thread union
            3/4" thread-to-hose-barb adapter
            3/4" Two Little Fishies ball valve
            (6) Zip Ties for hose connections

            Drain plumbing parts as follows:
            (2) 2" to 1.5" PVC adapters
            (2) 12" sections of 1.5" PVC pipe
            (1) bubble reducer coupling with integral flapper valve (for drain control)
            (1) 4" x 8" 200 micron felt draw string filter bag

            Cleaning & Maintenance parts as follows:
            Denture toothbrush
            Grout & Tile scrub brush
            Plastic scraper and/or monogrammed Lil Chisler scraper

            *Note: 24" of 3/4" ID Vinyl Hose is no longer included
            Updated: 23 Aug 2017 06:50 AM
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