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            Special Offer for L4, L8, and L16 Waitlist

            Notice to everyone on the L4 list as of March 13th, 2016:

            The molds are going to take longer to make than I anticipated - I was shooting for mid-april release, but the molds are large enough and complex enough (I guess) that it is going to take almost another month to make them compared to what it took to make the L2 molds. I didn't expect that. So now I'm looking at a late May release date, and I'll leave the possibility of early June on the table so that I don't have to make this kind of announcement again.

            Because of that, I'm considering an alternative offer to those who don't want to (or can't) wait that long.

            Turbo L2 Performance Guarantee (L4 Waitlist)

            If you purchase an L2 (Rev 4 only) it will come with a performance guarantee that says basically if you don't feel it is quite "cutting the mustard" for you after 3 to 6 months of use, I'll credit you back the full purchase price (not including shipping) and apply that towards a larger unit. You would just have to pay for the difference (for an L4 swap-up, that's $549 - $399 = $150, no additional shipping for the L4) and then pay to ship the L2 back to me.

            Condition 1: You must be in the CONUS (Lower 48 states of the US). If you are international, I can still ship you the L2 but I can't offer the swap out due to the expense of shipping (both for you and me, unless you're really OK with that); for international, you would have to sell the L2 yourself and buy the L4 (but I would work with you on the shipping)

            Condition 2A: You have to currently be on the L4 waiting list, but I'm a little flexible on this. If you are not "officially" on the list, or are just reading this, and were really thinking about/wanting an L4 or I would recommend or have recommended an L4 based on your tank setup, I'll take care of you. This also applies to anyone to whom I have already said "I think you might need an L4 but might be able to get away with an L2" etc...

            Condition 2BIf you are on the L8 or L16 waiting list, I'm about 95% sure that an L2 is not going to cut it for you, but I'm good with the same deal except for the shipping - I can't say for sure but worst case I would split that with you so if it normally would be $60, it would be $30, etc (you pay the cost difference + 50% shipping for L8/16, and pay to ship L2 back to me.

            Condition 3: You must use the L2 until I have worked through the left-over waitlist (those who didn't take the deal), but you will not have to use the L2 for more than 3 months; at least, that is my goal - it is somewhat dependent on the overall production schedule!

            Any of my existing customers can tell you that when it comes to service, I try to bend over backwards. When it comes to deficiencies, I'm like a frickin gymnast.

            For example:
            • When I first started making scrubbers (the Rev 1, in June of 2012), I sold Eheim Compact 1000 pumps to about 25 people that turned out to not be good enough (long term head loss was horrible) so I shipped everyone who purchased one of those a Rio 1100 on my dime (free pump, free shipping).
            • When I realized that the Schedule 40 PVC pipe was translucent enough to allow algae to grow inside the pipe (not a problem with CFL or T5) I replaced everyone's pipes with electrical Sched 40 (then switched to Schedule 80 for better resistance to slot pinching).
            • More recently, the power supply I had selected for use with my custom LED driver turned out to be a super cheap piece of junk so I replaced ~30 power supplies with a Meanwell on my dime (no cost, no shipping, even international).
            Bottom line is that I take care of my customers. It might take me a while, but I do it.

            This is my goal with this Performance Guarantee - to take care of my customers. If you take me up on this offer, you may find that the L2 does just fine in their systems, which will result in you saving money!

            Please Contact me if you are interested in taking me up on this. If you are on the L4, L8, or L16 waitlist, I'll be contacting you directly via PM or email.

            Updated: 23 Mar 2016 01:56 PM
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